What is Flushing of the Skin & Why Does it Happen?

Today there are more toxins in the environment than ever and many skin care products on the market contain ingredients which can be harmful to the skin. Some of these ingredients can clog pores, strip the skin of its natural lipids, disrupt the skin's pH balance, suffocate the pores causing enlarged pores and even dehydrate the skin. In addition; many skin care users mix a variety of different products from different brands causing the skin to become confused. For optimum results and good skin health you want to avoid using different brands of products. Skin care products are formulated to work together and once you start mixing in different brands they no longer work synergistically. 

L'BRI products are formulated to correct the skin and to bring a healthy balance back to the skin. When first starting to use L'BRI products, some individuals may experience a mild flushing of the skin in the form of blemishes and/or a slight peeling of the skin. For some individuals these blemishes/breakouts will be small tiny bumps for others larger blemishes. Even though no one likes to break-out, this is actually a good sign, showing that the skin is responding to the L'BRI treatment and that the skin is eliminating impurities. Sometimes this breakout period may last 3 to 5 days and for others a bit longer - 10 to 21 days depending on the skins condition prior to using L'BRI products

Please keep in mind that this is a flushing and not an allergic reaction. Very few people are allergic to L'BRI products. A true allergic reaction would include itching of the skin along with redness. Some individuals may also experience a slight peeling of the skin. This usually only lasts a few days and is due to the removal of dead cell build-up on the skin. Aloe, which is the first ingredient in L'BRI skin care products is known to be a natural exfoliator and helps to speed up the removal of tired dead skin cells. Should you experience any signs of correction, do NOT stop using the product. If you stay the course, the end result will be a much younger, smoother and healthier looking complexion!

Before ordering please determine your skin type to help make sure that
you will choose the correct formula for your skin.

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