What makes aloe an excellent plant for burns?

Burn wounds are vastly different from other wounds on the skin because the tissues are completely destroyed. Burns are also accompanied by severe inflammation and serious risk of bacterial infections. Aloe is an excellent burn plant because it: 

• penetrates the deep layers of the epidermis 
• regulates acid-alkaline pH levels of the skin 
• inhibits the multiplication of bacteria, viruses and fungi 
• works as an anti-inflammatory agent 
• relieves pain and itching 
• moisturizes the skin 
• accelerates blood circulation 
• stimulates cell division and tissue regeneration

Another incredible skin care system: Combination Trio!

Designed specifically for individuals with Combination Skin. Those with Combination Skin exhibit two or more skin type characteristics on various parts of the face. 

For example, the forehead, nose, and chin (known as the T-Zone) may be oily while the cheeks and around the eyes are Normal to Dry. Approximately 95 percent of individuals with Combination Skin fit this description.

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