Do you have dry, cracked hands? L'BRI's Daily Moisturizing Hand & Body Lotion will help!

Our Daily Moisturizing Hand & Body Lotion is the complete treatment for cracked, peeling 
and sensitive skin. Containing aloe and more than 40 ingredients, 
our lotion is quickly absorbed and never greasy. 
It’s a perfect skin care solution for young children to aging adults. 

Available in Cucumber (our signature fresh, light and clean scent) or our NEW addition, Mandarin Fig (a warm and slightly exotic scent). 

L'BRI Sales December 16th - January 31, 2015 * Basic Skin Care Sets

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Before ordering please determine your skin type to help make sure that
you will choose the correct formula for your skin.


We believe in our products so much, we are proud to offer a selection of free samples. 

We are confident, once you try L'BRI PURE n’ NATURAL skin care products, you will see and feel the L'BRI difference. We only ask that you pay a small shipping & handling cost. 

 This month only December 2014 
receive our glorious Body Wash and Intense Body Butter samples 
along with 7 skin care samples specific to your skin type. 

Who do you know who...
Wants to learn about effective and affordable anti-aging products? 
Has tried everything else, but nothing seems to be working?  
Struggles with challenging skin or suffers from eczema, psoriasis or rosacea? 
Is looking for safe, non-toxic products for their family? 
Would benefit from the healing properties of aloe vera?

L'BRI Neck Firming Cream Testimonial

Customer Testimonial

"I was very skeptical about trying L'BRI products. I had been committed to my (previous) facial care line for so long that the thought of trying something new was not appealing to me. I found a Consultant by chance who suggested I try a few items. What did I have to lose? After 3 weeks, family and friends kept saying something was different about me and it made me feel great! I knew what was different! I had been faithfully (and still am) using the L'BRI Neck Firming Cream. I am now a loyal L'BRI customer using an array of their products!" Thanks for giving L'BRI a try, Donna! 

Why don't you give L'BRI's Neck Firming Cream a try?

L'BRI Anti-Aging Aloe Vera Barbadensis

These two prunes tell the L'BRI anti-aging story. 
The prune subjected to mineral oil, one of the most widely found ingredients in over-the-counter moisturizers, appears heavy and wrinkled. Similar results occur when the skin is treated with heavy oils and/or waxes. In contrast, the prune in L'BRI's Aloe Vera Barbadensis looks lighter and plump, almost like a plum again. These dramatic examples prove beyond a doubt that heavy oils weigh down and suffocate the skin while L'BRI Aloe Vera Barbadensis helps restore the skin's natural beauty. Amazing!