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*New Sparkling Fresh L'BRI Multi-Surface Cleaner plus Spray Bottle

Cleaning power in a natural, plant-based concentrate 
to safely tackle tough dirt, grease and grime.

Use on non-porous surfaces such as sealed wood, linoleum and tile floors, counter tops, painted walls, glass, porcelain and bathroom fixtures, dishwasher.

Try L’BRI cleaner on stinky gyms clothes, socks, and tough stains in your laundry. Gentle enough for delicate lingerie, but powerful enough to remove musty towel smells after a day at the beach. Bleach and ammonia free, completely biodegradable, this no-rinse cleaner leaves a refreshing citrus scent. Sparkling Fresh Multi-Surface Cleaner includes spray bottle.
If it’s dirty…clean it! If it’s smelly…wash it! If it’s sticky…wipe it!

Sparkling Dishes


Stains GONE


Shinning Faucets


Leave windows, mirrors and floors shiny and clean without harmful chemicals. Safe and effective for your whole family, throughout your home. 

This 12-ounce bottle can make up to 10 bottles of spray cleaner in our convenient, specially designed trigger spray bottle. Conveniently offered as a set with the trigger spray bottle or may be purchased separately to refill your spray bottle. For larger cleaning jobs just mix 1/8 cup in a gallon of water.

Product Category: HOME CARE