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L'BRI Pure n' Natural - Are you living with psoriasis?

Living with psoriasis? 
Our Intense Moisture Crème is a super solution for those with severely dry skin associated with psoriasis. For even faster healing for those with severe psoriasis, beneficial results have been achieved by applying the Aloe Jelly followed by the Intense Moisture Crème.

L'BRI Pure n' Natural - Multi-Surface Cleaner

Cleaning power in a natural, plant-based concentrate to safely tackle tough dirt, grease and grime.
Use on non-porous surfaces such as sealed wood, linoleum and tile floors, counter-tops, painted walls, glass, porcelain and bathroom fixtures. Bleach and ammonia free, completely biodegradable, this no-rinse cleaner leaves a refreshing citrus scent.

L'BRI Pure n' Natural - Facial Peel

Pineapple is more than a tasty tropical fruit! 🍍 It's also a gentle exfoliator that helps to remove dead skin cells, leaving your skin silky smooth.

L'BRI Pure n' Natural - Free Samples

Are you ready for no-filter-necessary skin? If you haven't yet tried L'BRI, NOW IS THE TIME! We're so certain that your skin will thank you that your first trial of L'BRI skin care is on us. That's right, we'll send you a FREE SAMPLE because that's how confident and passionate we are about our skin care. Ready to give it a go? 

L'BRI Pure n' Natural - Barbadensis Aloe Vera Jelly

🌱 We use the BEST Aloe Gel - not powders or concentrates. Many products claim the use of aloe in their products, but the aloe is often just a powder or concentrate that has lost much of its nutrients and healing powers.
We use gel straight from the Barbadensis Miller Aloe Vera plant, the BEST grade aloe that has been hand-filleted and combined with a cold stabilization process to retain the plant’s amazing healing benefits.

L'BRI Pure n' Natural - High Antioxidant Night Repair Treatment

Free radicals speed up the aging process when it comes to the appearance and health of your skin. Skin care treatments, like our High Antioxidant Night Repair Treatment, contain powerful blends of antioxidant protectants designed to stimulate collagen production, firm and strengthen skin! 🌙

L'BRI Pure n' Natural - Bath Soak

Rub-a-dub-dub just relaxin' in the tub! 
That is exactly what you're going to be doing when you get your hands on our NEW Soothing Bath Soak. Available in two rejuvenating scents: Cucumber + Mandarin Fig.

L'BRI Pure n' Natural - Exfoliating Regimens

We're all about exfoliating, because we absolutely LOVE fresh, clear skin but sometimes it can actually be better to hold off on exfoliation for a bit. We would like to mention that if you have rosacea, eczema or psoriasis, it's important to avoid exfoliating at the start of your skin care program until the condition has improved. 💚

Rejuvenating Facial Peel - A unique exfoliator, made with natural fruit enzymes of green papaya, calming pineapple, and stabilized aloe vera gel. Works to dissolve dead skin cells naturally without acids. Helps to dramatically improve skin tone, clarity and texture for a healthy, vibrant complexion. Excellent for all skin types including those with rosacea, sensitive and acne-prone skin. 

Exfoliating Face and Body Scrub - This remarkable skin-refining formula* gently lifts tired, dull surface cells and imbedded impurities from the skin without damaging or scratching delicate tissues. Perfect to exfoliate rough, troubled spots such as knees and elbows, or give your skin a fresh, smooth look all over! 

Facial Masque - Enjoy tightened and toned skin while minimizing the appearance of wrinkles. As the masque tightens it clears dead skin cells and restores the skin’s natural smoothness. An excellent addition to the skin care routine for those with dry, blemished skin by leaving on overnight to spot treat blemishes, drawing out impurities in the pores. Recommended for all skin types.

L'BRI Pure n' Natural - Skin, Hair & Nails Nutritional Support

Get the beauty support you need from the inside out! 💚 
Our Skin, Hair & Nails Nutritional Support restores strength + vitality to aging hair, skin + nails. It's an excellent daily program of nutrients designed to fight free radical damage + promote a woman's health and beauty at the cellular level.

L'BRI Pure n' Natural - Age-Defying Serums

Age-defying super stars! 🌟 
Our power-packed serums are specifically formulated to 
slow down the aging process and reduce the visual signs of aging. 

 Anit-aging serums

Maxifirm Skin Renewal Complex Serum - 
This powerful formula improves skin's firmness, elasticity and radiance and is especially beneficial to mature skin. By encouraging cell production and increasing deep hydration, Maxifirm penetrates and locks in essential nutrients to retain firmness and the tone of younger, healthier skin.

Time Erase AHA Slow Release Serum - With regular use, Time Erase helps reduce the size of pores, fade age spots and the appearance of scars while reducing fine lines around eyes and lips. Research shows that AHAs actually stimulate the production of new collagen and elastin, giving your skin its elasticity and strength. 

Dermaplex A Line Reversal Peptide Serum - Dermaplex A includes hexapeptide technology to minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Effectively reduces the depth of already formed facial expression lines and works against the development of additional wrinkles. 

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Adding water to your L'BRI moisturizer lotion

Our Moisture Lotions contain aloe, which is hydrophilic (water loving). 💦 So when you add water to your fingertips before applying the moisturizer, it helps the aloe pass through the outer layer of the skin. In other words, the moisturizer absorbs into the skin for better hydration AND to help prevent signs of aging.

L'BRI on-the-spot acne treatment

We know, we know. It's tempting. But try not to pick at your blemishes. You'll be spreading bacteria that could cause other outbreaks and/or scars. Instead, resist the temptation and apply KlearAway. It has 2% natural salicylic acid and tea tree oil to help heal your skin. Helps to unclog pores, combat bacteria and clear acne blemishes while helping to prevent new blemishes from forming. 

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