Aloe Vera in our Liquid Foundation, won't clog pores, 25% off the month of April

We found a way to use aloe as the primary ingredient in our liquid foundations, eliminating undesirable ingredients that can clog pores. 

Available in two formulas and five shades: 
Perfect Finish Liquid Foundation for normal to dry skin: This vitamin enriched aloe-based foundation uses grape seed for anti-aging and hyaluronic acid for moisture. It will leave your skin with a soft, creamy finish. 

Perfect Finish Oil-Free Foundation for combination to oily skin: This aloe-based foundation delivers a soft matte finish. It heals by helping the skin to breathe and natural clay absorbs oil throughout the day.

L'BRI Body Wash Safe for Babies

Our body wash and lotion are gentle enough for the entire family! 

And of course that means your fur babies, too! Stock up now, the set of both is on sale in March! Hurry before the sale ends on March 31st!

Regular price: $28.95 SALE price: $26.00 –You save: $2.95!

Natural Sunscreen SPF 30 with Soothing Aloe Vera

Spring is finally here! 

Although it may not feel like sunscreen weather yet, it's important to be prepared! We are proud to offer a broad spectrum, water resistant, biodegradable, natural Sunscreen SPF 30 with soothing Aloe as the first ingredient. Just in time for the upcoming summer months. 

Sunlight exposure causes 80% of skin aging. Yikes! You will want to be sure you wear your L'BRI sunscreen to protect you from the harmful, skin aging rays of the sun. You will love how it feels on your skin. It is light, non-greasy and penetrates quickly. 

Give it a try. You and your family deserve the best sun protection and that's L'BRI Broad Spectrum - Natural Sunscreen Lotion with Aloe SPF 30!

In the world of skin care products, L'BRI truly is unique!

In the world of skin care products, L'BRI truly is unique! 
Request your Free Sample today!

Your FREE samples include: 
Cleanser, Freshener, Moisturizer, Enzyme Facial Peel, 
Eye Repair Gel, Face & Body Scrub and Facial Masque. 
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L'BRI skin care products make great baby shower gifts!

I wish I had known this when my daughter was a baby, she had cradle cap. But L'BRI wasn't around when she was born.

New moms worry about how to handle cradle cap, infant acne, eczema and more.

Keeping our Body Wash and Daily Moisturizing Hand and Body Lotion nearby, with their pure and natural ingredients, will reassure her. 

Packaged in gift sets that are on sale this month, March 2015, the new moms in your life will appreciate them as they are safe for even the newest baby skin!

"GUYS, and I mean men, you have to give these L'BRI products a try! Testimonial from a man

L'BRI received this the other day from a male customer: 

"GUYS, and I mean men, you have to give these products a try!
I threw out my shave creams after the first use of L'BRI. I shave now with their cleansing face wash and I am blown away by how it makes my skin feel and how soft my beard growth comes back, simply UNBELIEVABLE! THANKS L'BRI!"

Order a sample kit for the man in YOUR life! 
Click on FREE samples and then Free Samples Order Now!

L'BRI Perfect Gift Sets for that special occasion

Is there someone in your life who has a special occasion coming up? We are offering two gift sets for the month of March, the Ultimate Body Moisture Collection, and the Body Perfect Collection. 

Either set would be a wonderful gift for anyone you are buying for - man, woman, child, or even pet! 

L'BRI never uses alcohol-based fragrances. Our body products are on Sale this month!

We never use alcohol-based fragrances, but instead use natural scents from plant essence extracts. Cucumber is one of our most popular because of its fresh, light and clean scent. You will find it as one of the options in our body care products that are on sale this month. 

In addition to its refreshing fragrance, cucumber is also known for its soothing effect on the skin, reducing puffiness and and cooling the skin, and makes a great complement to the aloe in all of our skin care products.

High Anti-Oxidant Night Repair Facial Treatment

Get our High Anti-Oxidant Night Repair Treatment! 

Put the brakes on the aging process with L’BRI Night Repair Treatment. A powerful blend of antioxidant protectants and age-defying ingredients designed to do their hardest work while you are fast asleep. 

Night Repair contains clinical proven peptides along with a high ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) combination of fruit blends dedicated to shielding your skin from the daily onslaught of free radical damage. It stimulates collagen production, firms and strengthens skin, leaving your face looking fresh, radiant and rested come morning.

*Sale! L'BRI Ultimate Moisture Body Collection

*Sale Ultimate Moisture Body Collection ~ L'BRI Body Wash and Body Butter Gift Set. This pampering gift set features a Cucumber Body Wash and Intense Body Butter plus a body cleansing pouf all beautifully presented in a drawstring gift bag.

Comes in Cucumber, Freesia Pear, Mandarin Fig & White Tea and Lotus scents.

Stock up for yourself or for gift giving, what a great gift to receive!