How Brows Affect Your Eyes

Deep-Set Eyes: Use a pencil two shades lighter than your hair. Line top and bottom lash line with a pencil in a matching shade. Enlarge the space between the eyes and brows-raise the brows slightly by penciling in a little above the bone. 

Round Eyes: Fill in brows with a shade that matches your hair. Line top lash line with a pencil in a darker, smokier shade. 

Small Eyes: The softer the brow, the bigger eyes will appear. Pair a soft shade to brows and lash lines. Smudge a deeper shadow along top lash line and finish with mascara in Black Brown. 

Close set eyes: widen the space between the brows a little by plucking, and extend the pencil line at the ends. 

Wide set eyes: pencil eyebrows a little closer to the nose, and do not extend them out at the ends. 

Bulging eyes: tweeze out any hairs that grow down too far over your eyes and raise the brows slightly from below.

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