L'BRI Pure n' Natural Aloe Vera vs Mineral Oil

These prunes tell the L'BRI anti-aging story.

The prunes subjected to mineral oil (right picture) is one of the most widely found ingredients in over-the-counter moisturizers, appear heavy and wrinkled. Similar results occur when the skin is treated with heavy oils and/or waxes.

In contrast, the prune in L'BRI Aloe Vera Barbadensis (left picture) looks lighter and plump, almost like a plum again.

These dramatic examples prove beyond a doubt that heavy oils weigh down and suffocate the skin while L'BRI Aloe Vera Barbadensis helps restore the skin's natural beauty. AMAZING!

These examples show the tremendous, rejuvenating powers of L'BRI's Aloe. You will see and feel the difference - softer, smoother and younger looking skin.

A person's skin, if not properly cared for and nurtured, tends to disclose one's age with uncanny accuracy. Possessing the ability to rejuvenate skin at the cellular level, Aloe Vera has been shown to slow the aging process through several actions. Aloe is an excellent cleanser, sloughing off old cells while purifying the pores. A detoxifier on the skin, Aloe removes wastes and toxins. The vitamins, minerals and amino acids found in Aloe nourish the skin and stimulate new cell growth.

Studies have shown that Aloe Vera's legendary anti-aging properties are attributed to the plant's amazing capacity to produce fibroblast cells six to eight time faster than normal cells. These cells manufacture collage, which keeps skin firm.

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