Dry Skin Type use the L’BRI Gentle Skin Care Trio

What's your skin type? Dry Skin feels tight and may exhibit visible flaking. Often delicate and easily irritated, Dry Skin may be sensitive to cold weather. Dry Skin has the appearance of a matte finish, lacking sheen. It may be rough to the touch. The appearance of Dry Skin may be due to a superficial dry condition caused by exposure to sun, sea, air, wind, or pollutants. A superficial dry condition can be aggravated by using soap as a cleanser or by failing to apply a protective moisturizer. Certain skin diseases such as eczema, mild psoriasis, or atopic dermatitis can be mistaken for Dry Skin. Key Description: Underactive. 

Our unique skin care formulas target your skin’s individual needs with cleansers, fresheners and moisturizers. For Dry Skin, order the L’BRI Gentle Skin Care Trio. 

For extremely Dry Skin, order the L'BRI Extra Dry Skin Care Trio: L’BRI Gentle Cleanser, Gentle Freshener, and Intense Moisture Cream.

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