L’BRI Eyeliner Pencils Sale

Eyeliner defines the eye shape and makes your lashes look thicker. L’BRI Eyeliner Pencils are creamy and glide on easily, so they will not pull the delicate skin around the eye area.
Don't forget to stock up now on your favorite shade (or try something new!) while these are on sale through February 28th.
Regular Price: $8.95
Sale Price: $7.00
–You Save: $1.95
How to Use Eyeliner
Lift your chin and tilt your head back slightly as you look in the mirror, so that you can see clearly along your lash line. Begin at the outer corner above the lashes of the upper eyelid and draw inward to the center of the eye. Apply thicker at the outside corner of the eye and taper in as you work towards the inner corner of the eye. Next, look straight into the mirror and line the space between the inner corner of the eye and the beginning of the lashes.
Then apply below the lashes on the lower lid, beginning at the outer corner of the lid and drawing to the center of the eye. With fingertip, or a Q-tip, gently smudge only the outer edge of your pencil line toward the inner corner for a natural look. Line should get thinner as you near the inner corner of the eye.

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