Aloe Vera and Toenail Fungus, Say Bye Bye

I don't know about you but I have toenail fungus and I'm also diabetic. I have always had my toenails painted, looking pretty ever since I can remember, but after seeing my foot doctor after breaking my toe she said that wearing nail polish will make my fungus grow, and being diabetic doesn't help it either. I'm glad that mine isn't as bad as this picture but it's still not pretty. I have tried topical's and prescriptions and nothing has helped until now with L'BRI

Toenail Fungus is 

  • Yellow or Brown or Black discoloration of the toenails 
  • Toenails get flaky thickening of the affected toenails 
  • Nail separates itself from the nail-bed 
  • Can invade your skin through tiny visible or invisible cuts 
  • Getting rid of Toenail Fungus can take some time to clear up

Causes of Toenail Fungus 

  • Toenail fungus thrives in a warm and moist environments. 
  • Diabetics have an increased risk of contracting a toenail fungus because their immune system is compromised abnormal pH level of the skin weak immune system 
  • People/Athletes who wear tight-fitting shoes or tight hosiery is a greater risk 
  • People who smoke or have other medical conditions, such as diabetes or poor circulation 

Aloe Vera Treating Toe Nail Fungus, Aloe Vera contains anti-fungal healing agents.

  • Do not use nail polish (it can seal in fungus and allow it to grow) 
  • External use of Aloe Vera as “Gel” kill fungus and foreign organism while internal use of Aloe Vera as drink balances immune system.
  • L'BRI's Aloe Vera Barbadensis Jelly can be directly applied on affected nail(s) while it can also be taken internally with L'BRI's Nutri Aloe.
  • Select foot-ware carefully, look for air-breather holes on the sides.
  • Choose socks those are 100% cotton, wool, or silk, because they provide good ventilation.
  • Keep nails trimmed, I also file the nail itself once a week. That helps the nail not to thicken then I apply L'BRI's Aloe Vera Barbadensis Jelly
  • Soak feet in a large pot of salty warm water. Mix one cup of salt per one gallon of warm water to make this foot soak or if you live by the ocean by all means soak up the beach rays and soak in the ocean.
  • Wash and dry feet regularly. (Don’t leave your feet wet) and then apply L'BRI's Aloe Vera Barbadensis Jelly to the toenails.

Aloe Vera is extremely good as toe nail fungus remedy but even if you don’t have toenail fungus it is still beneficial to use Aloe. As studies showed regular use of Aloe Vera helps to grow healthy and shiny nails. Additionally drink 4 oz of L'BRI's Nutri Aloe everyday.


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